This is not a theology, nor a list of beliefs, but a list of values that are core to who I am. They are goals and statements to be lived by. (Note these are listed in no particular order. These values do not necessarily reflect any organization I may work for.)


Authenticity– You will not grow and do anything worth following if you fake your way through. Be genuine, be authentic, be real, be you.


Education– I am a complete and devout believer in solid education. By this, I do not mean school. I mean learning. I am constantly learning, and will my entire life (so I hope). I believe the more we understand and learn, the smaller we realize we are in the universe, and the bigger we realize God is.


Generosity– I believe that at the heart of God is so much generosity. He came into this world to GIVE His life. As we follow Him, we must do the same. Not to earn his happiness or gain any other sort of favor, but out of a genuine love of others.


Radical Love– As a follower of Jesus I believe we cannot claim His name if we are not doing what is more important than anything else. Loving Him, and loving others. This means we put aside differences, pride, and even self to love God AND other people.


Sacrifice– I believe in living a sacrificial life that makes no sense. A sacrificial life that says I will put my God, my wife, my family, and my friends above myself. I may not always show and end up living out this, but it is my goal. I also want to chime in that I will not sacrifice my God, my wife, my family for my job, my career, or anything else.