There is Always Hope

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

"Sifted to the heart of the matter, all technical terminology aside, what trust in this reconciling work entails is the refusal to believe that any situation is hopeless- any situation.”[1] – Christopher Morse.

We all have or have had that one student. The one that yells inappropriate words. The one that hurdles the pews. The one that you walk into the restroom and find in a stall with another student taking a ‘mooning’ picture on someone else’s phone.[2] This is also the student that we have to constantly correct during a message so they will stop distracting others. It is easy for us to write this student off and say that there is no hope for him. It is easy to ask him not to come anymore. It is easy to move past this student and move on to the ones that really get it.

But then we remember people like Saul who became Paul. He was a first century Jewish terrorist who was zealous in his mission to kill the new followers of Jesus. And then Saul has his radical conversion experience and changes the trajectory of history. Paul goes on to write the majority of the New Testament. This story tells us there is always hope for even the most difficult of students. There is always a chance that something will click and the power of the Holy Spirit will change their life, and the trajectory of their family’s future. We must always have hope. We must always give hope. We must always trust God and not just the results we see at the moment.

[1] Morse, Christopher. Not Every Spirit: A Dogmatics of Christian Disbelief. Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press International, 1994.

[2] Yes, sadly this is how I found out about the new app at the time we now know as Snapchat.

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