Character Matters

"Don't let your talent take you further than your character can keep you." I remember hearing this phrase repeated over and over and over when I was in school. Not just in elementary school, but in high school, and in college. I think most of us recognize that character matters, and especially for leaders.

This phrase has become a problem though in the fast paced world we now live in. We don't wait for years to become the person we want to be. We jump into new adventures. We short circuit 'the process' to get the answers we need now. We go to YouTube instead of experts. We google rather than read books. And maybe we're more efficient on diagnosing problems, but are we coming up with real sustainable solutions for the situations we are in?

When we endure a process and truly become an expert it shapes our character. When we put up with the crap and the mundane on a daily basis while waiting patiently for our opportunity to have the lead role it does more than just 'build character' like our uncles or grandfathers use to say. When we wait and chase and pursuit, we start to become the person we need to be and not just gain the proper skills. We must learn to develop character in the process of becoming a leader. We must stay devoted to things for the long haul to really see an impact. We must relearn that who we are becoming is so much more important than what we are becoming.

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