Jesus' Church Is For The World

The person of Jesus Christ has become a central figure throughout western history. In nearly every city or town throughout the United Stated you will find a Christian Church of some denomination or another, if not multiple churches. This institution has become integral to the community, and for many Christians to come together to worship.

Often times the church becomes so focused on self-preservation that it forgets about the community in which is resides. The church becomes more about the institution than it does about the person of Jesus. The church becomes focused on the empire of the church and less focused on the teachings and philosophy of Jesus, the very person it was created to focus on.

A true image of the church is one that is focused on its community and neighbors and spreading the message the Jesus came to speak.

I would argue that the Christian Church is meant for the entire world, and not just those that particular people that belong to it.

The question then becomes, how are you leading your church to care about those outside of its doors?

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