What is Red Culture?

Red Culture is the words of Jesus incarnated into everyday living. Jesus invited a ragtag group of disciples who were crazy enough to believe and follow him. A group of misfits with an invitation to believe and go beyond what is humanly possibly and change the trajectory of human history.

In the same way, we are a ragtag group of disciples who are crazy enough to believe and follow Jesus. A group of misfits that believe that Jesus wants to change the world using students, when the rest of the world lowers the bar- we see a higher vision for what God is calling them to. We are the ones that are bold enough to say yes, when no one else will.

We should and will take seriously the words Jesus spoke and work really hard to give them flesh and bone to a world that so desperately needs hope, love, joy, and peace.

I know I’m not qualified, good enough, or smart enough for the role I’m stepping into, and I’m willing to guess some of you feel the same way about your own role, but that’s the beauty of the Call of God on our lives- He is good enough and He is worth it.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the local church is the hope of the world. I want to make it my goal that we are here to serve the local church in every way we can.

My main objective and vision for this year- honestly- is to get to know our leaders. I can’t assess and give vision for where we need to go next as a youth and children’s ministry for the state until I know you and you know and can trust me. So my hope is to spend time with you, on the phone, on Facebook, however necessary to connect and be a resource. I’m not smart enough to know all the answers to your questions, but I am good at finding you a resource or someone that can help you. Together we can impact a generation. Together #weareredculture

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