Confidently Lead- Even When It Is Difficult

As someone who has constantly served under other people for my entire life and ministry I have learned a ton from leaders I follow. There is something that is utterly comforting when my leaders give clear and confident answers. There is something that is utterly scary when a leader does not give such confidence. I know this intellectually. I know this experientially. However, I still know that we cannot always give confident answers when we do not have clear direction ourselves. We must still find a way to confidently lead the people looking to us as their leader.

I know that in my current transition things could be easier if I had a clear and compelling vision for people to rally behind. Honestly though, I think it is healthier that I do not. I know it could bring comfort to others if I was more confident about where things are going, however the only confidence I am able to communicate is the confidence I have from God that this is the right step for me and us as a ministry. I may not yet have a clear and compelling vision for my ministry, and maybe you do not either, however we must walk confidently in who God created us to be and what He has called us to.

You are the one He has chosen in this season, and you are the prophetic voice that will speak to those who you lead. I wake up each morning and remind myself of who I am and who God has called me to be. I do this through journaling and prayer. I remind myself that I am God’s son, I remind myself that I am a co-heir with Christ Jesus. I also remind myself of who I want to be, an incredible husband, father, and leader. Often, I am not those things, but I know that it is who God wants me to be, and who I want to be, so I daily reflect and recalibrate on those things. This is where our confidence must come from. From our true identity, not from a role, and position, or from having the right answers. Our confidence comes from who we are in the image of almighty God, even when we cannot give clear answers. So we walk confidently in who we are, not in the answers we have.

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