What if the Team Doesn't Exist?

Often I will listen to a talk, read a book, or hear a story of organizational health and they talk about the importance of a healthy leadership team. This team works well together, they have great chemistry, and they encourage one another to chase after a big goal they could not accomplish as individuals. Together, we know, teams are able to help accomplish great tasks. The problem arrises when we find ourselves in a small organization with no funding and no opportunity to hire new teammates, or we find ourselves in the middle of a dysfunctional team that needs massive change. What do we do with that? Where do we go? Do we quit and find a new job? Do we go to another church that is healthy? Do we get frustrated and just put our head to the plow and maintain status quo?

It would be easy or natural to give up, quit, and try to find a new organization (or church) that fits us better and has a better team. I would challenge that the more rewarding and bigger impact would be when we start to develop the leaders around us to raise the bar for our organization. It is easy to settle for status quo, work our tails off, and just sustain or make marginal improvements. It is significantly more difficult to invest in leaders around us and walk them through a process to see them become the leaders that we need on our team and the leaders that God has called them to be. This is a messy process and by no means is it easy, but it is so worth it. We see people step into their calling, and we see our organizations, churches, and teams develop into world changing endeavors. We must make team development and leadership development a priority in order to make our teams healthy and function in the way to lead about change.

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