What if the Team Doesn't Exist? Part 3

The last couple posts I've shared about a common frustration among leaders. That frustration is that our teams don't exist or we don't have a team to work with. I however think we should respond by taking the challenge to build the ideal team we would want, even though it is significantly more work. This work of building a team takes time, it is not fast, however when a team is functioning at its best, we make a bigger impact than we ever could have imagined when we are going at things on our own. Check out part 1, and part 2 of this series before moving on!

In the last post I challenged you to start writing out the ideal positions on your team. Now take that list of ideal team positions, and start to assess the people you already have on your team. Look through your list of team positions and start praying about who can fit into each of those roles. Asses if you have current team members and what their position is. See if they are sitting in the correct place, or if they should find a new position. No one needs a 300 pound quarterback, but you might need a 300 pound offensive lineman. Make sure your team members are in the right place for you as the leader, and for them as a teammate. A 300 pound guy might be excited about the opportunity to be a quarterback, but he'll constantly be frustrated because he is not made to be one. We want people in the right positions because it helps us and them win.

After you start moving people into the proper positions make sure to explain the process to them. Let them know that you want them and the team to succeed and what you are doing is worth it. If they aren't willing to move into a position you feel helps set them up for success, then maybe they aren't the team players you need. After you start moving people into the right positions you will likely still have open positions, I know I usually do. This is your opportunity to pray, recruit, and trust God. Start praying for the right people to fill those roles and look around you at who you might be able to recruit and add to your team.

I hope this helps you build a healthy team. Of course there is a lot more work to do, but hopefully this helps set you on the right trajectory.

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