Reject Fear- Choose Love

Fear can cripple us from stepping into our God ordained destiny. Fear can stop us from being the person that Jesus challenges us to be. We cannot let fear stand in the way between us and our dreams We cannot let fear stand in the way of us loving people the way Jesus calls us to love. We have to stop making excuses to love any way less than the sort of love Jesus describes and Jesus lives for us. The love that Jesus challenges us to is sacrificial, which means it does cost us something. Love is not cheap and it is not easy. Love isn’t being kind for kindness sake or the fear of offending someone.

Love shows up, invests, and expects nothing in return. Love is paying the bill, starting a tab, and coming back to pay it later. Love is caring for the stranger, the orphan, the immigrant, and the widow. Love is listening instead of talking. Love overcomes fear by standing together instead of pointing the finger. Love speaks up when no one else is talking. Love is carrying the weight of someone else, when we don’t have it. Love is always being present and not distracted by the latest thing on social media. Love is staying up late talking when you should be sleeping. Love is chasing and running, rather than retreating and allowing someone to ‘get what they deserve’. Love is truth. Love is grace. Love is passionately pursuing Jesus, and allowing fear to dissipate in the process, for He says, “cast all your anxieties on me, because I cares for you.

Will you choose love over fear today?

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