Every Young Leader Needs a Ricky Greene

When I first started in ministry I feel like I didn’t know a lot. Who am I kidding- I still feel like I don’t know a lot. Reflecting back on this past year and the past years in ministry I realize how incredibly blessed I have been. When I was 20 years old Rich Greene took a chance on me- it may not have been all that much of a chance in a small church plant that needed workers- but he took the chance. He started to invest in me by spending time with me, speaking life into me, telling me stories of his past mistakes, failures, successes, and also stories of the leaders that invested in him, both good and bad. I’m incredibly thankful for those years of experience I get to step off of as I continue down the path that God has called me. Rich has become an incredible mentor and friend- and I know I lead from a healthier position today because I was allowed to follow and be led by Rich.

As I survey the state and am investing in leaders I realize that not every leader was or is as fortunate as I have been. This is not to say we have bad leaders- I’m just trying to convey how fortunate I feel to have worked alongside Rich. Rich continues to lead an incredible growing church that is influencing many lives to build the Kingdom of God.

Young leaders- I challenge you to find a leader that is not just willing to take a chance on you and give you a job- but that is also willing to invest in you by sharing their life with you.

Seasoned leaders- continue to invest in the next generation leaders- we need them for our movement- for the Kingdom. It is a stewardship issues to invest and pour back into young leaders. Please. Please. Please- make time to be vulnerable and share your life with the next generation leaders around you. You may think you don’t have any- but maybe just maybe you haven’t seen the potential yet because they are waiting on you to give them a chance. Don’t expect them to be you- invest in who God created them to be.

And thanks again Ricky- for taking a chance on a young guy like me!

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