Greatest Commandment and Discipleship

This morning as I was reading in Deuteronomy I was captivated by the wholeness by which the greatest commandment is meant to be lived. When the Lord was speaking to the nation of Israel and giving them their commands he was saying to not just live these commands out but to teach the commands to their children.

They were expected to talk to their children as they walk out their journey of faith. They were to include this in their every day waking and going. They were meant to be reminded of these commands daily.

Discipleship is a life on life experience. We often think of discipleship as small groups, teachings, or classes, but Jesus, and the Jewish faith, show us that discipleship meant to be a mirroring of life. We show those we are leading how to live life, not just how to answer the right questions or how to argue and spout the tenants of the faith. Discipleship is immersion, it is as we are going, it is as we are leading.

I can easily think of the right answers and try to speak the right words, but if I'm not living out and passing on the life Jesus calls us to, then I am missing the point. I feel the weight of this responsibility as we raise our boys. Am I modeling daily what it means to follow Jesus? Am I treating and talking about people in life giving ways that represent a heart and life that is fully surrendered to Jesus? Am I teaching as I have opportunity my boys why we do what we do?

Parenting is one of the greatest opportunities of discipleship, as your children get an up close and personal access to your life, much like the disciples did of Jesus. In the American context we now live, it is rare to have this sort of opportunity other than our children.

Let us love God wholly. Let us live our faith daily. Let us pass on a life fully surrendered by taking others with us, not just teaching them verbally, but showing them wholly.

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