Self Leadership is key to any big impact leader

Self Leadership is key to any big impact leader.

I have been reading leadership books since junior high. I remember reading through John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership and being introduced to the Law of the Lid. When I read it I had no real understanding of what it meant, but having spent a few years in leadership I now comprehend and think about it all the time. One of the key principles in the law of the lid is that there is a top lid on our leadership or on our organization. If we are the primary leader of our organization, then we have to recognize that we are the lid on the organization. Our organization will rarely if ever grow beyond our ability to lead it.

We can do two things with this reality. The first thing we can do is to get paralyzed and overwhelmed by the reality that if our organization is not growing it might have something to do with us and how we lead. This is not a healthy response to the issue at hand and is why you need to read a post like this.

The second response we can have is to recognize this reality and do something about it. What can we do though? Will we keep having the same lid? Culture tells us that we will not change all that much? Wrong, we must choose to look at the lid and attempt to lift it by growing our own capacity.

Looking back at my time as a youth, missions, and outreach pastor I recognize that a lot of the limits and barriers we had as a ministry were directly related to my capacity to lead. If I had been able to lead at a higher capacity, then I would have attracted a higher level of leader team to join me. If I had been able to lift the lid on my own leadership, we would have been able to grow beyond the barriers we ran into.

I must also look at my current role and see the barriers we are facing and figure out a way to grow myself so we can move beyond those barriers. I know this is oversimplifying the process of growth, at the same time I recognize that high-level leaders do not just arrive at the place they are at, they grew themselves and the organization followed with them.

How are you growing your own leadership? How are you taking ownership of the issues your organization is facing? How are you leaning into the voice of God for wisdom to grow?

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