Do we ever find silence?

Why do we always have to have an opinion? Why can’t we be silent? If we are learning to live the way of Jesus, we should learn to live the way Jesus lived. Jesus did some things that are so countercultural to the world we currently live in, so countercultural to the social media world that asks us to tell the world what we are thinking or doing at any moment. I posit that maybe, just maybe we should be silent more.

Jesus was silent in so many different situations. If I’m honest, I don’t like to be silent. I know I’m not alone, which is why I’m writing this. Most of us don’t like silence and we quickly fill and silence with noise, scrolling, and sedation of our minds. I know that I’m approaching the subject of silence from two different angles. One example is that we shouldn’t talk so much and the other being that our minds are constantly racing and never sit still. I get that they are different, but I think we need to learn to find silence and wisdom in both.

During this pandemic, we have an opportunity to sit in the silence and learn to enjoy it. In the silence, we learn who we are. In the silence we find ourselves. In the silence, we hear the voice of our Creator. I have friends that cross the spectrum during this season. Some are bored. Some are busier than ever. Some are glued to their screens in Zoom meetings, some are glued to Netflix. I would wager now more than ever we have a great opportunity to sit in silence a little bit. You may be busier than ever, but likely you have fewer distractions (Unless you have small-ish children while working at home, in that case, I’m praying for you, and text me so I can send you funny memes), than ever, and the distractions you do have come from a device. Guess what, you have the power to shut that device off for an hour, go ahead, do it. Or turn on airplane mode while you focus, I’m sure the world won’t end, the earth won’t stop spinning, and your life will get better with a little less noise.

Learn to find silence. Learn to find yourself. Learn to hear the Voice of God and live closer to the Way of Jesus.

I do have a couple of questions I want some feedback about though. Why is silence so uncomfortable? What are you doing to find silence with Jesus?

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