Hail Damage

Updated: May 22, 2020

A few weeks ago, we had some pretty severe hail damage in our neighborhood. I was so impressed with the beauty of the hail and how fast it came out on nowhere. As true Iowans, our boys loved standing by the window, admiring the nature in both its beauty and its destruction.

Two days later, we had a flier on our door for a roofing company. At first, I had my thoughts of ‘scammers’ trying to take advantage of a hail storm to get a buck out of the deal. Then I (Code for my wife noticed and told me to look at them) started to see other people in our neighborhood were giving recommendations of contractors to get new roofs from. After listening to my wife for a week or so, I finally called one of the recommended contractors in the Facebook group. They came out that day and did an inspection and told me I had plenty of damage from the recent storm. I then called my insurance company to take a further look. After the insurance sent their adjuster out, he confirmed we had damage and needed a new roof, and they were going to send me a check to do so. The day the new roof was installed I had plenty of banging and ripping on my roof as the contractors came and stripped off our old shingles and replaced them with a better product. The workers were here for about six or seven hours working hard on our roof. The roof looks fantastic, and I’m pleased with the work they have done. If you need a new roof in the Des Moines area, I’ll get you the contact info. 😉

I do not write this to tell you about the process of replacing our roof. I want you to understand that we often think we know best but need an outside perspective to help prevent damage. If it was just my opinion, I would have left the roof as it and let the damage sink in, but could have ended up with a leak and much more damage in the years to come. But I worked with professionals (the contractor and the insurance) to assess the issue and deal with it while it isn’t too bad. In life, we sometimes wait for a crisis to hit before we take the steps we need. This is a problem. If we wait until we hit rock bottom, we are making much bigger wounds to deal with. If we seek support from outside our current situation, we can assess the problem, find solutions, and prevent further damage. Too many times in life, I have waited until a problem explodes before I address it. I am working hard to avoid that now and see issues as they come. I do this by continually seeking help outside myself. An outside perspective helps us from missing something crucial right in front of our faces. An outside perspective helps us avoid further damage and recognize the need for help. In what areas of your life do you need help? In what areas of your life are you ignoring the voice of outside support?

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