Here are some of my bucket list items. I’ll keep them up here as they are checked off. I know it may seem narcissistic at some points, but I’ve been challenged by a few people to put this public and hopefully inspire others to create their own. Feel free to ask questions about it! Oh, and I’m sure the list will grow and change!


Hike the Appalachian Trail
Hike the Inca Trail
Go skydiving
Finish an Ultramarathon
Finish the MMTR
Complete RAGBRAI
Learn to Scuba Dive


Create Family Crest and Creed
Be my kid’s hero.
Mission trip with each child individually to a different country
Celebrate 50 year anniversary with Kasie
Meet my great grandchildren from Kasie and my children’s children
Be Debt Free by 40
Give away more than we live on each year

Vocational / Influence 

Start a small business
Lead a Church for over 10 years
Speak in front of over 5,000 people at one event
Get a Masters Degree
Speak at a Commencement Speech
Have a book published
Gain 10,000 followers on Twitter
Preach in another language
Have over 100 Email followers of Blog


Visit Israel
Visit Vatican
Visit Athens
Visit Machu Picchu
See the Great Wall of China
Do the running of the bulls
See the aurora borealis
Visit every state
Visit every continent
See Petra
Sit in a hot spring with Kasie
Ride a hot air balloon with Kasie